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Newark Vein and Vascular Center was created to provide a much-needed service to individuals throughout the metropolitan areas of East Orange and Newark, New Jersey — high-quality, patient-focused care for skin and vein conditions. Located in the urban community of Newark, it continues to be one of the few healthcare providers in the region to deliver preventative care and effective treatment in these specialty health areas.

Meet The Team

The interdisciplinary team at Newark Vein and Vascular Center is overseen by Medical Director and board-certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Gordon D. Lutchman, MD, DABVLM, FACS. His career spans over 40 years, and he is skilled in treating a full range of vein conditions, from spider veins and swollen legs to varicose veins and venous ulcers.

Dr. Lutchman and a talented team of specialists excel at delivering patients successful treatments and positive outcomes. Since venous diseases manifest differently in each patient, these providers offer comprehensive preventative vein screenings and evaluations to take a personalized approach to care.
They ask patients about their medical history to better understand their unique needs, make more accurate diagnoses, and select the proper treatment.

Collectively, the team has over 30 years of experience delivering compassionate and patient-centered care for vein and skin concerns. This level of expertise earned Newark Vein and Vascular Center official recognition from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission and allowed it to become one of the first nationally-recognized vein centers in Newark, NJ.
Vital Access to High-Quality Services
At Newark Vein and Vascular Center, physicians use the latest methods and technology for treatment. When patients come in for care, they can expect a clean and welcoming environment and rest assured knowing they are in the hands of highly experienced professionals.

These providers perform a host of services designed to identify, treat, and prevent skin and vein diseases. A common diagnostic tool for these health issues is a venous ultrasound study. A registered vascular technician uses a detailed Doppler ultrasound to detect features in the veins that require treatment, such as unusual twisting or deep vein thrombosis. This test is fundamental in helping the provider develop the best treatment plan.

The treatment the physician will recommend depends on the patient’s specific condition. For instance, a patient may undergo endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) if they have large veins susceptible to becoming varicose. This simple procedure may also prevent the complications of varicose veins, such as blood clots and skin ulcers.

Another treatment option is sclerotherapy for large veins. This foam injection treatment is inserted directly into the affected area to stimulate blood flow to the veins. Similarly, sclerotherapy with asclera treats spider veins and small varicose veins while reducing the discomfort that comes from the procedure.

Regardless of the type of treatment, individuals can trust that the specialists at Newark Vein and Vascular Center will proceed with tenderness. These providers take time to understand how their patients feel about diagnoses, treatments, and preventative solutions, focusing on making them as comfortable as possible. Additionally, to serve a greater number of people in urban communities, the providers accept most forms of health insurance.
Emphasizing the Expansion of Compassionate, Patient-Centered Care
Newark Vein and Vascular Center comes from an extensive history of delivering patient-focused care in Essex County.

It is a part of a larger network of primary and specialty care locations run by Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. Physician-owned and operated, this organization strives to develop a standardization of care for adult patients throughout Essex County, NJ. By emphasizing the client experience, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services empowers providers to form long-term relationships with patients, which ultimately augments their outcomes and promotes better health and wellness overall.

In 2001, Dr. Alexander G. Salerno, established Salerno Medical Associates by merging the medical practices of with his parents, Drs. Alphonse and Svetlana Salerno, to deliver care in East Orange, NJ.
In 2002, Dr. Alexander G. Salerno brought back house-call services for aging adults by establishing Senior Healthcare Outreach Program (SHOP). This service expanded to include individuals with mental health struggles and was rebranded as Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP Health). Committed to minimizing disparities in healthcare outcomes primarily affecting urban communities, he launched the Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP) in 2010.

To expand primary care in the region, Metropolitan Medical Group opened in 2014 and Dr. Salerno joined his father-in-law, Dr. Raouf Elias, at Roseville Medical Society in 2015 to help him care for patients in Newark, NJ.

2021 saw the creation of North Ward Medical Arts to bring care back to the community where Dr. Svetlana Salerno first served patients. Several specialty care locations were opened this year, to deliver services traditionally underrepresented in the area, as well, including North Ward Behavioral Health Center and Prospect Spine and Pain.
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About Nirvana Healthcare Management Services
In 2022, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services created the Department of Population Health to continue making high-quality healthcare accessible to the patients in the diverse communities of Essex County, NJ. Additionally, Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) awarded the healthcare organization a $500,000 grant, making it the only medical practice in the area to receive this amount of money. With these financial resources, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services intends to further augment primary and specialty care to cultivate better health and wellness in East Orange, Newark, and the neighboring NJ communities.
Patients in Newark, NJ, and the surrounding areas searching for reliable specialists to treat skin and vein conditions should turn to Newark Vein and Vascular Center. The healthcare organization works continuously to deliver seamless care, accounting for the unique concerns of each patient.

Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is the primary resource for patients needing physicians in Essex County. It encompasses several locations throughout Newark and East Orange, NJ, including Salerno Medical Associates, Metropolitan Medical Group, Roseville Medical Society, North Ward Medical Arts, Armenti Medical Group, and house visits for eligible patients through CHOP (Community Healthcare Outreach Program). Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is a network for patients in Essex County, NJ, who need providers for different medical concerns.
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