Live Your End of Life with Care and Bid Adieu Gracefully

Can you even imagine bidding a happy farewell to your loved and close ones? Can you bear the very thought of leaving behind the people with whom you shared special moments, feelings, and thoughts? Honestly speaking, the thought of living the last days of your life and the feeling that your life is nearing the end are unbearable and frightening. No person on this Earth can actually imagine their last days on this beautiful Earth.

End of life care

There are millions of people who endure a number of terminal illnesses or complicated health issues that are non-treatable or non-curable. While they near the end of their life, they might not be in a condition to even express their wishes and last thoughts. This is where end of life care becomes of high significance. It is a specialized care that is designed to address the issues of people nearing the end of their life and those suffering from perennial diseases. Such care is offered by expert healthcare professionals and social caregivers who can change the complete thought process and lifestyle of people counting the last days of their life. At this stage, people do suffer from mental trauma. The very thought of saying goodbye to this world makes them gloomy. Those involved in caring for them also get disheartened thinking of the inescapable loss that they are going to face after you leave.

Services provided

End of life care is solely meant to address these issues. This kind of care aims to provide you with physiological, psychological, emotional, and social support so that your last days get even better. Such care also strives to take care of the loss and mental trauma that your near and dear ones experience. Hence, this is a holistic approach that deals with you as a complete person and provides all kinds of possible support to you and your caregivers and close friends and family members.

Advance planning

You might have also come across the terms hospice and palliative care, which are quite similar to end of life care. These can be provided at hospitals, aged care homes, your residence, etc., according to the availability of healthcare professionals as well as your need. Also, it goes without saying that the cost that you will incur while under such care will depend on nursing facilities, the place of caregiving, the fees of the healthcare professionals, etc.

However, such care is worth it and you can plan for it in advance. During the later stage of your life, you might not be in a position to plan for it. Hence, planning for end of life care can be done beforehand, when you can express and communicate your last desires to your loved ones. You can also make certain significant decisions regarding the end of your life. Such planned end of life care, in light of all the possibilities, will strive to consider and fulfill your last wishes.

Hence, planning for such care makes it possible for you to end your life with comfort, care, and allow you to bid adieu to the people close to you and this beautiful world gracefully.


Since 2001, Dr. Alexander G. Salerno has led Salerno Medical Associates in East Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Alexander Salerno focuses largely on urban communities and on delivering patient education about both medical and behavioral health issues.