Facts and Fiction Surrounding Cannabis and Its Use


Cannabis or marijuana is a popular drug, not just among those who use it, but also among those who do not use the drug, thanks to the misinformation surrounding the drug and the lack of clarity distinguishing fact from fiction. It would help to clear up the misconceptions regarding some myths and get clarity on the facts about cannabis.


Some myths surrounding cannabis and the facts

  • Myth: Cannabis use can kill brain cells

There is a false notion that cannabis abuse can lead to the destruction of brain cells. However, research conducted by the University of Louisville has found that marijuana does not kill brain cells and a similar study published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society in the year 2003 backs the research.


  • Myth: Use of marijuana leads to cancer

This statement is not clearly in the true or false category because the smoke of marijuana has been found to contain carcinogens, similar to those found in tobacco smoke. But the extent of harm done by smoking tobacco-laden cigarettes is much higher compared to the harm caused by the ingestion of weed, a popular name for cannabis. It has been found that more than marijuana, it is the act of smokingthat is a risk factor with higher chances of leading to cancer.


  • Myth: Eating of weed in the raw form can give a “high”

Eating raw marijuana is like consuming stems that have no effect and definitely do not make one “high.” The effect of marijuana is felt when it is orally consumed after it has been heated and combined with a substance that has fatty substances, such as butter.


  • Myth: It is easier to quit smoking cannabis

Those who smoke pot (cannabis) casually and once in a while can quit it easily, but heavy smokers will find that marijuana is extremely addictive and very difficult to quit, requiring all the will power one can muster. Quitting becomes even more difficult due to withdrawal symptoms, such as loss of appetite, insomnia, and irritability. These symptoms are more severe for other drugs, but still make quitting pot difficult for users.


  • Myth: Marijuana can impact the memory

Cannabis use has been found to have no impact on the long-term memory of users or on existing memories. In fact, marijuana is found not to be linked with dementia, but it can cause short-term memory loss to some extent.


  • Myth: Marijuana can help improve focus

It is quite the opposite, as heavy use of marijuana can lead to impaired thinking and affect the attention span too, and the symptoms might be drastic in case of abuse or withdrawal.


  • Myth: Marijuana use is completely harmless (considering it has been given medicinal title in some places)

This is far from the truth because heavy use of marijuana is quite harmful. Those smoking marijuana are at risk of developing respiratory illnesses and bronchitis, which are usually seen in those smoking tobacco. Also, driving under the influence of weed is extremely dangerous.