Chronic kidney disease is a cause for concern given that the number of patients suffering from it has been increasing over the years instead of diminishing. The number of patients in the US alone suffering from chronic kidney disease is estimated to be around 30 million for the year 2017, which amounts to approximately 15 percent of the adult population of the country. The occurrence of chronic kidney disease has in fact escalated over the years such that from being ranked 27th in a list of diseases that led to death for the year 1990 worldwide, the disease has jumped to the 18th position for the year 2010, thus indicating that the overall severity of the disease and those suffering and dying from it has risen exponentially.


A global study has estimated that of the number of patients suffering from kidney disease (approximately 661,000 Americans alone), only 10 percent are receiving appropriate treatment, including dialysis. These figures include developed nations (such as America, Germany, Japan, Italy, and Brazil) as well as countries such as India and China that have a large, growing population of elderly citizens suffering from kidney disease and needing medical attention.


Since the symptoms of kidney disease are silent and not easily detected in the initial phases, the disease often goes undetected, thus leading to a large number of patients suffering from it. Also, a greater percentage of patients suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure usually suffer from kidney disease too. In fact, in the US, the majority of cases of end stage renal disease (ESRD) are patients 18 years and older, suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure. Also, Hispanics as well as African Americans and Mexican Americans are at greater risk of developing renal/kidney diseases, compared to non-Hispanic and Caucasian citizens.



Facts and figures: The number of people suffering from kidney disease or kidney-related disorders

Chronic Kidney Disease

The number of people suffering from the disease is high, even higher than those suffering from cardiovascular disease. It has been estimated that every 1 in 10 individuals is suffering from kidney disease. The risk also increases with age, and approximately 69.6 percent of the population over 66 years of age suffers from kidney disease.


Apart from chronic kidney disease, the figures for people suffering from other types of renal disorders are also rising at an alarming rate.


End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)

The number of people suffering from ESRD was 117,162 in 2013, whereby the number of cases were increasing by approximately 21,000 patients each year as compared to the numbers in 2010, which were steady for a few years. The numbers of children in the US itself suffering from ESRD and receiving treatment were approximately 1,462 in 2010 whereas 9,921 children were being treated for ESRD in the year 2013.


Kidney transplants

According to 2013 figures, the total number of kidney transplants carried out in the US was about 17,600, which is quite low considering the number of patients still waiting for transplants.


All the numbers and figures for kidney disease can be controlled by timely diagnosis of the disease since the disease is treatable and not that severe or fatal. Timely treatment will also save many countries millions of dollars that they spend in the care of patients with kidney disease, including their dialysis and Medicare costs.