The Infamous Hepatitis C and Some of Its Famous Victims

Hepatitis C (HCV) is one of the most painful diseases that cause inflammation of the liver. It is one of those rare diseases that is difficult to diagnose early. During the early phases the symptoms may be negligible, but with time, it becomes painful and fatal. It contaminates the blood cells and causes inflammation of the liver, with progressive deterioration in the later stage as it attacks the immune system of the victim. Patients suffer from nausea, yellow eyes, breathlessness, fever, fatigue, and many other symptoms.

Contagious HVC

The main cause of HVC is through blood contamination. It can be due to alcohol intake as well as intake of certain toxins or chemicals that affect the liver. With a little carelessness, it easily spreads to others. The main reason for transfer is sharing used needles for injections or making tattoos. The cure and treatment is expensive. Many celebrities are also victims of this deadly disease. In many cases, the exact cause of transmission remains unknown, even if it may be guessed that the cause is sharing needles. Let’s take a look at the celebrities who have been victims of HVC.

Famous celebs with HVC

Pamela Anderson, who became famous with Baywatch and her steamy photo shoots, was diagnosed with HVC. She claims that she developed this disease by sharing needles with her ex-husband Tommy Lee. She was quite upset that Tommy had hidden the fact that he had the HVC.

Ken Watanabe, the famous Japanese star, who was undergoing treatment for leukemia, was an unfortunate victim of HVC during a blood transfusion.

Underground musician Lou Reed met an unfortunate death after his liver was transplanted. Sadly enough, the transplanted liver was affected by HVC virus and it led to the tragic demise of the star.

Handsome Christopher Kennedy Lawford, who was a famous soap actor as well as a writer, was affected by HVC. It is said that his drug addiction induced the disease in his body.

The famous singer Natalie Cole was almost a victim of this disease. Heavy drug intake during her youth led to this fatal case of HVC, but there were hardly any symptoms of the disease in her body. This led to a very late diagnosis of this fatal disease.

Gregg Allman, the legendary singer of the song “Rolling Stone,” was saved from HVC when he underwent a liver transplant after HVC was diagnosed in his body. The reason for the infection is as of yet unknown.

The beautiful Naomi Judd, who is a singer by profession, got this infection by a needle while she served as a nurse. She came to know about the disease in 1990, and with lots of hope and hard work, she was able to cure herself from this deadly disease.

Steven Tyler of the famous band Aerosmith got HVC; now that he has been cured after an intensive treatment of 11 months, he is positive about the cure of HVC. He feels that a lot of development and research has made HVC curable, and with proper diagnosis and treatment people can again live a normal life, free from HVC.


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