So whooping cough is a condition in which patients typically complain about chronic nagging cough. It’s a rather benign condition, it’s a very easily treated condition, but it’s an extremely infectious and contagious condition. And it’s very common actually, nowadays, we’ve been seeing epidemic proportions, even in my own office, I’ve seen 30, 40 cases a year, each year, over the last several years.


The risk factors for whooping cough is really exposure, especially to little children, so daycare workers, teachers, grandparents, babysitters, things like that. We make the diagnosis by either a blood test or swab test and once we make the diagnosis it’s easy to treat. It’s just one pill that you take for 5 days, extremely effective.

But a key to any condition is always prevention and that starts with a vaccine. It’s a simple vaccine, no side effects, one shot and protects you from whooping cough. But, again, it all starts with “Knowledge is Power.”

Have a conversation with your doctor and take it from there.

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