Treatment for diseases, irrespective of the kind of disorder, is a norm and is necessary for recovery. What differs is the type of treatment method that is followed.


A traditional hospital treatment refers to a visit to a doctor or specialist in a clinic or hospital and further if the need is hospitalization with medication on the advice of the doctor by the nursing staff and support providers. Certain diagnostic tests are usually conducted prior to hospitalization for the purpose of evaluation and monitoring. The medication recommended is allopathic therapy, consisting of approved drugs and medicines in the doses specified by a physician.


Alternative patient care methods, on the other hand, are not so rigid in terms of the protocol followed. These can either be combined with the traditional treatment or can be a stand-alone treatment and care option followed by the trained staff, which could sometimes be the nursing staff or also those specialists trained in alternative patient care.


Which is the better care method—alternative patient care or traditional hospital treatment?

To make a choice between the traditional hospital treatment method and alternative patient care is a debate which is still tough to take sides on, because each method has its own share of pros and cons, with some findings in its favor and others against it.

A traditional treatment method is based on scientific proof along with years of clinical research and backed by scientific research and writings. The conventional and therefore “traditional” medicine is backed by scientific knowledge of how the human body works and follows treatments that have proven to be effective via scientific research. Alternative care methods, on the other hand, do not have clinical trials and findings to back them up but are based on the belief that medical care providers must be able to treat the entire person—that is the mind, body, and the spirit too. These treatment methods are usually non-invasive as they do not rely on surgery or conventional medication. Very few of the alternative care methods are supported by scientific evidence, which doesn’t mean that the treatments don’t work, but instead points to the fact that experts acknowledge the results of the alternative care methods but are still trying to figure out how they work.

Traditional hospital treatments are limited only to the healing of the body and taking away or reducing the pain and symptoms by way of medicines, drugs, and hospital stays. Alternative care methods, on the other hand, have a more holistic approach and make use of healing energies and the art of energy healing to treat the mind and spirit along with the body.

Nursing staff and care providers usually need to be specially trained and need to move away from the traditional training pattern to be able to apply alternative care methods to patients. This could further broaden their employment horizons, which is not the case for nurses who dole out conventional treatment.

The best approach, however, would be to have a combination of the conventional, traditional treatment along with alternative care methods to include the best of both.