Millie Acevedo

Director of Operations for Roseville Medical Sociey

Millie Acevedo, Director of Operations, has been with Nirvana Healthcare Management Services (NHMS), at the Roseville Medical Society (RMS) location, for nine years. Ms. Acevedo oversees a staff of twenty-five, who provide comprehensive medical services to a large, diverse patient population, many of whom are seniors with chronic diseases, including COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), cardiovascular conditions, hypertension, and diabetes.

Ms. Acevedo describes her long tenure with Nirvana as “encouraging” because she has witnessed substantial growth in her staff and many positive changes, as evidenced by the acquisition of advanced diagnostic equipment and the implementation of even more efficient management systems.

Previously, Millie had managed three other departments: the Call Center, Medical Records, and Authorizations. In collaboration with Chronic Care Management (CCM), she helped develop and implement several procedures and streamlined workflow operations.

As Director of Operations, Millie has gained valuable insights regarding the interactions and interrelationships of various departments, which has helped her staff grow professionally as her department continues to upgrade and streamline its patient and administrative services.

A particularly meaningful experience for Ms. Acevedo was recent on-site, in-service training for all staff members—clinical and administrative—on specific diagnostic procedures. She appreciated that all NHMS staff members were included in this training session.