Hi, my name is Dr. Salerno and this is my cat, Suki. We’re here today to talk about a serious condition called clinical depression. This is a medical condition that affects over 50% of patients entering your primary care doctors office. Yet often times, it goes undiagnosed and untreated.

The symptoms of clinical depression vary, it can be anything from sleep disturbance to appetite disturbance to changes in energy level that can affect both your social and your professional life. When it comes to treating clinical depression we have a variety of options.

The traditional options include pharmacology and the non-traditional options include biofeedback and pet therapy, in fact, cats have been shown to really help patients who are suffering from depression and other medical conditions like hypertension. If you think you’re suffering from clinical depression, have a conversation with your clinician.

Knowledge is Power, you can’t fix a problem until he acknowledged that one exists.

Salerno Medical Associates’ Dr Alexander Salerno talks Clinical Depression: Causes and Treatment. Learn why Knowledge Is Power.