Did you know that the Center of Disease Control reports that as many as five million Americans today are infected with the Hepatitis C virus.

Hep C is caused by a virus which ultimately infects the liver. In due time, Hep C can result in liver failure, otherwise termed cirrhosis, and in some instances may progress the liver cancer.

Hep C is primarily spread through blood-borne products. Some common modes of transmission of Hepatitis C include IV drug use, unprotected sex, sharing razors, scissors, toothbrushes with an infected person. Also tattooing and body piercing can increase your risk if proper hygiene is not practiced. If you were born between 1945 and 1965, your chances of Hepatitis C maybe higher.

Presently, there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C like we have for Hep a and Hep B, but there are new treatments that can cure Hepatitis C in as much as ninety-six percent of cases. So if you have questions about Hepatitis C, ask your doctor. Remember, knowledge is power.

Millions have it and may not know it. It is #curable. Don’t stay #silent. Get checked and #protect yourself! #KnowledgeIsPower.