The world is at war every day with deadly cancers. It is really a difficult battle to fight and women are no exception. It is good that nowadays many such battles against cancer are won; however, many still remain unresolved and take the lives of people in their youth or middle age. We should all have awareness about the types of cancer that are deadliest for women. We are all unique and so are the different types of cancer. It has to be noted that the diagnosis of a cancer can very often be linked directly to the medical history of one’s family, as well as one’s lifestyle and environment. No one can control the medical history of his or her family, and only a very few areas of one’s environment can be controlled. However, different aspects of one’s lifestyle such as diet, level of activity, and smoking or drinking are under an individual’s complete control, so these areas should be targeted to control the rise of cancer in the world.

3 cancers that are the deadliest for women

Out of many, the three deadliest cancers that affect women worldwide are lung cancer, breast cancer, and colon and rectal cancer. The order may not necessarily be the same everywhere, as the degree of occurrence may vary from one location to the other. We will discuss each one of them in more detail.

Lung cancer is the most prominent type of cancer that leads to death in women. The death rate has gone up over the years in women as a result of intake of tobacco products. The key to fighting this cancer seems to be the early detection of the disease. Quite a few research studies are being undertaken worldwide to detect lung cancer at a very early stage. Doctors are also trying to look at improved diagnostics to decide the best course of treatment for their patients. Women can avoid using tobacco products to rid themselves of the chance of developing this deadly cancer.

Breast cancer is one of the leading types of cancer that takes the lives of women worldwide. The rate has come down over the years with advanced treatment and awareness among people. However, breast cancer still remains a big threat to women and the risk doubles if someone in the family has also had the same type of cancer. A few other causes of breast cancer are no pregnancies at all or having had the first pregnancy after the age of 30 years; not breast feeding, having a highly fat diet, and lack of exercise add to the causes too.

Colon and rectal cancer: The chance of having this cancer among women is 1 out of 20 females. It has been observed that a majority of the colon and rectal cancers occur at the age of 50 or older. Family history, inflammatory bowel disease, inactivity, smoking, heavy drinking, and intake of a low fiber and high fat diet are the major causes of this type of cancer. Early detection can save lives, so it is advisable to have colonoscopy screenings on a regular basis and take necessary actions.