Tom Hanks
Halle Berry
Paula Deen
Randy Jackson
Delta Burke
Larry Kind

Do you know them? Well, certainly you are familiar with all these names as they are famous celebrities who have reached the peak of success. However, you would be surprised to know that all these celebrities are fighting type 2 diabetes just like you. So, type 2 diabetes can affect anyone and everyone.

Causes of Type 2 Diabetes

There are various factors that trigger type 2 diabetes in people all across the world. Though genetic factors and age are associated with the rate of type 2 diabetes, there are many more reasons that cause type 2 diabetes to develop in people of all ethnicities. Doctors as well as researchers have listed a few major causes that are most probably the reasons behind a person developing type 2 diabetes.

  1. Genetic factor
    Type 2 diabetes is genetic or hereditary. You have a high chance of inheriting it from your father or mother if one or both have been diagnosed with this type of diabetes. In recent research that is ongoing, doctors are trying to figure out the genetic mutations that cause the risk.
  1. Obesity or overweight
    Irregular lifestyle and obesity can heighten the risk of type 2 diabetes in people of all ages. Fat decomposition in the lower abdominal area or in other body parts can change the response to insulin, which leads to insulin resistance. The body is no longer in a condition to produce sugar from your blood, which leads to a higher level of blood sugar in your body. Insulin resistance can also result from an improper lifestyle. However, not everyone with insulin resistance will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, but some certainly will.
  1. Improper physical activity
    An adequate amount of physical training as well as exercise can increase lean muscle mass, which plays a significant role in safeguarding the body from type 2 diabetes by preventing insulin resistance.
  1. Poor dietary plan
    Eating well and staying healthy will help you fend away this disease to a certain extent. Following a strict, low-calorie food chart that includes a high amount of fruits, milk, vegetables, nuts, etc. can significantly trim down the chances of type 2 diabetes. People addicted to eating sodas, packed and processed foods, high-calorie junk foods, and alcohol are more likely to be diagnosed with this type of diabetes compared to others. Irregularity in eating habits and obesity combined with genetic factors can trigger the risk as well.
  1. Improper sleeping and watching TV
    A lethargic or irregular lifestyle can disturb the blood sugar and insulin balance. If you continue to maintain a sedentary lifestyle and sleep less, you will be at a risk for type 2 diabetes. Watching TV is often accompanied by gobbling snacks, which increases calorie intake, leading to obesity. If you reduce watching TV to 10 hours a week and get engaged in some kind of physical activities, you can reduce the risk by a high percentage.

These are the 5 major causes of type 2 diabetes in 90% of recorded cases.


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