Young women are now at a greater risk of breast cancer. Young women aged between 25 and 39 are being diagnosed with breast cancer at its advanced levels. Also, a record number of women below the age of 50 are being detected with advanced breast cancer. This is the case for one out of every five women.

The prime causes of rising breast cancer in women are still not known for certain. However, it’s safe to say that there are multiple causes for the rising number of breast cancer cases among young women. Most of the causes are environmentally based. Researchers, doctors, and medical experts have discovered a few causes that are mostly likely to contribute to breast cancer at a young age.

The Major Causes

The most prominent factors of all are the hormonal factors. Hormonal factors have also contributed to breast cancer among older women as well as to other health problems, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid imbalances, etc.

Having children at a later stage in life is another cause among younger women. Taking birth control pills regularly or having fewer children are other known contributors to this disease.

It has been observed that women consuming synthetic hormones for other hormonal problems are at a greater risk. Women with lower levels of estrogen often take synthetic estrogen hormonal tablets to compensate for the deficiency. This practice is known to be responsible for the development of many cases of breast cancer.

Parabens are chemicals that also affect the development of breast cancer at an early stage. Parabens are commonly found in lotions, shaving gels, shampoos, deodorants, cosmetics, etc.

Nutritional deficiency is another prime cause of breast cancer. In addition, inflammation, environment toxicity, resultant breakdown in genetic integrity, estrogen dominance as well as immune surveillance are the other primary factors responsible for breast cancer among young women.

Girls receiving radiation or chemo to their chests to cure childhood cancer also have a greater risk of developing breast cancer at a tender age. A family background or personal history of breast cancer can put you at greater risk of breast cancer at a young age. Young women with dense breasts have a greater chance of developing breast cancer.

Excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking is also responsible. Excessive consumption of red meat can also increase the chances. Sugary foods promote cancer.

What to Avoid

Here are some points that you should take note of to prevent breast cancer among young women. Ignoring the points mentioned below puts you at greater risk of this disease.

  • To prevent the chance of developing breast cancer, young women should avoid eating sugary foods
  • They should optimise their vitamin D level
  • They should take ample amounts of vitamin A
  • They should stay away from charred meats
  • They can go in for lymphatic breast massage
  • They should quit using unfermented soy products
  • Young women should avoid addiction to alcohol
  • They should increase their insulin receptor sensitivity
  • They should take more curcumin, which is plentifully available in turmeric
  • They should maintain a healthy body weight
  • They should have green leafy veggies daily along with omega-3 fatty acids
  • Young women should not wear underwire bras and should avoid electromagnetic fields
  • They should not undergo synthetic hormone replacement

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