How to Plan for the Cost and Arrangement of Your End of Life Care

Death is inevitable, but still the very thought of bidding the final goodbye to all your family members and loved ones can be terrifying. So, how do you deal with this inescapable loss that you are going to succumb to? This is where the importance of end of life care that has been designed for those people who are nearing their end comes in. So, if you have a perennial illness and are approaching the end of your life, it is definitely a good idea to plan for end of life care.


Planning for the end of your life might sound a bit unusual, but it is well worth doing. Planning for the last days of your life is also known as advance care planning as it involves talking and thinking about your last wishes. It involves your wishes for how you want to be cared for in the penultimate days and months of your life. There are many people, nearing the end of their life, who carry out advance planning as their condition might get worse. This inevitably means that in the later days of their life, they might not be in a position to communicate or form any kind of decisions. Hence, advance care planning or end of life care planning is immensely helpful. This can allow your wishes to be communicated to your near and dear ones.


For people nearing the end of their life, there are specialized care services like palliative care, end of life care, hospice care, etc., which can offer additional support and help through different therapies and other services. The sole aim of such services is to offer emotional, physical, spiritual, and cultural support to patients as well as the people around them.


Such end of life care services can be planned at home. This is meant for those who feel comfortable spending their last moments in the comfort of their home. Here, general care services are provided.

Support for caregivers and families

If you do not have time to provide the much-needed care to someone who is nearing the end of his or her life, then you can always find caregivers or healthcare professionals who can counsel the person and provide the care.

Aged care homes

One can also plan for end of life care at aged care homes. These places can make you feel comfortable among your peers.

Why is it needed?

Advance care planning allows all the people involved in the care process to know about the wishes of the person who is about to bid farewell. It ensures that the person’s last wishes are fulfilled and can also help with those challenging, last-ditch decisions about treatment when the person will not be in a condition to have his or her say.


The costs that one incurs in planning for end of life care vary depending on the fees that the healthcare professionals charge as well as the cost incurred at aged care homes. Usually, the cost peaks as you age.

Skilled nursing facility charges, home health costs, and hospice care costs increase as you approach the end. Hence, you need to plan properly to save enough for your last days.


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