Staying fit and being physically active is definitely one of the New Year’s resolutions on everyone’s list. Everyone starts the New Year with a renewed vigor of staying true to their resolutions, but give it a week or two and things don’t look the same anymore.

Often hitting the gym can put you off before you even put on your shoes. The mundane routine of a gym can really endanger your New Year’s resolution. However, working out in a gym is not the only way to exercise; there are many other interesting options that will ensure you stay on track with your resolution.

Alternative fun exercise forms


With dancing, it will hardly seem like a workout and you will still be sweating it out unknowingly. There are a host of dance forms to choose from to keep the calories burning, such as salsa, jive, ballet, freestyle, or classical. Each dance style has its own nuances, thus giving you a chance to learn something new while trying to stay fit. In fact, Zumba is a great dance-based workout style where aerobic exercises are paired with foot and body movements from salsa, flamenco, merengue, and other dance forms. These moves help burn fat and tone the body while you enjoy the music and the dance. For someone seeking a bold and sensuous workout, pole dancing is a great option. Apart from increasing stamina with all the dance form workouts, you even increase your confidence.

Adventure activities

  • For someone seeking an adrenaline rush while working out, rock climbing is an adventurous option. The popularity of indoor rock climbing is catching on, as it is a workout that builds strength and balance along with burning close to 800 calories in an hour. The muscles of the arms and legs get strengthened during this workout.
  • Another competitive workout that will keep you on your toes is fencing. Fencing is a fast-paced workout where you have to defend yourself and anticipate the opponent’s every move. This improves mental agility too, along with improving speed, coordination, and flexibility while toning thigh, buttock, and stomach muscles.
  • If all these activities seem too much for you, you can take up jumping rope. It’s a full-body cardiovascular workout that helps burn more than 200 calories in less than an hour. All you will need is a skipping rope and the right shoes to help ease the pressure of landing on your heels. The right posture while skipping will improve the beneficial effects on the body.
  • Hiking is also a great way to burn calories and strengthen leg and lower body muscles while exploring new scenic locales.

Team activities

If you hate working out in solitude, then you can take up team sports, such as softball, football, cricket, or similar team sports. Playing as a team will keep you motivated, as you will have teammates waiting for you at practice sessions, thus ensuring you do not miss out on the workout.

You can conclude a great day with some fun between the sheets and count that as a calorie-burning activity too.