A house can never be a home without love, affection, and peace. One of the worst situations that a person can experience in life is domestic violence. This act of violence affects men, women, and children; it leaves a scar that might take a lifetime to heal. It is observed worldwide that about 40% of the total female population, if not more, are victims of domestic violence. However, the numbers of men affected by domestic violence is much lower. No matter what part of the world is observed, domestic violence victims are found everywhere.

Effects of domestic violence on women
The victim who goes through this trauma suffers from severe after-effects. The damage may be done physically, mentally, or in both areas. It changes the way in which the victim perceives the world around him or her. In some cases it has been noticed that, even after reaching the saturation point, women are not able to step out of the abusive relationship.

Domestic violence and its negative impact on women
The physical injury that happens to the body creates mental and emotional scars. Even after recovering from injuries, the mind can experience severe stress. One of the most common outcomes is PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This disorder develops in extremely stressful situations that leave behind terrifying mental scars. It disturbs the normal balance of regular life. The patient is unable to sleep, eat, or continue basic routine activities, and there are strong flashbacks of the past experience and terrifying nightmares during sleep.

A victim of domestic violence suffers from depression
Women who are victims of domestic violence are often depressed and experience a loss of interest in life:

  • They feel extremely lonely and unworthy of themselves.
  • They do not find happiness in activities that they previously enjoyed.
  • Their appetite increases to compensate for the mental depression, or it might diminish completely, resulting in a fragile body.
  • The trigger of fear of being struck or tortured again is often accompanied by severe crying.
  • This often leads to the development of suicidal traits and self-harm.

The immediate effect of domestic violence is even more grotesque
Women are often struck with hands, fists, sharp objects, and in the worst cases small weapons such as scissors and knives. Fractures, cuts, bruises, swollen eyes, and wounds are very common results of women being beaten up by their partners. Many women deny the fact that this is how their partners are by claiming they are behaving violently because of substance abuse and alcohol intake. This worsens the condition; instead of ending the relationship of pain and hatred, they still cling on, hoping things will change for the better, which in most cases never happens.

Apart from direct bodily injuries, the victims experience severe panic and fear triggers while witnessing the violence inflicted on them. Common outcomes are loss in appetite, nervous breakdowns, fatigue, breathing problems, disruptions in a proper menstrual cycle, and sexual dysfunction.

Getting rid of domestic violence
The only way to end this is by stepping out of the feeling of vulnerability and realizing one’s own potentials—speaking out loud about one’s rights and choices. Women need to accept the truth when a relationship does not work; they need to focus on their happiness rather than continue with the suffering.