Alcohol can never be blacklisted from life—it is a part of celebration and joy; but as the saying goes, too much of something is not good, and the same holds true for alcohol. If an individual cannot spend a day without alcohol, it means it is controlling one’s life more than one is controlling the alcohol intake. This is the time that the dependency should be ended. However, sometimes this dependency becomes the need and the person cannot live without the liquor. If one becomes an addict, however, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of the road; with proper care and willpower this addiction can be eliminated completely.

Addicts develop strong excuses to continue alcohol use; this is the time when love, care, and encouragement are required from family members. People all over the world are struggling to end this dependency, but they cannot take the first step due to lack of adequate information and knowledge.

The common doubts are

  • Where to go?
  • What would be the cost?
  • Will the withdrawal symptoms be too severe to handle?

Treating alcohol
Today, fortunately, there is help for all, be it the rich and famous or the struggling earners with families to take care of. It depends on the option one chooses to free the body and mind from this danger. There is a wide scope of available solutions, from luxurious treatments to treatments fitting everyone’s budget. Many social health care centers offer free treatment, which would include detoxification, followed by proper medication, designed according to the income of the individual.

The step following detoxification is a crucial stage during which patients experience withdrawal symptoms and need medical assistance. The duration of stay in the rehab facility depends on the severity of the addiction and the damage already done to one’s health.

Cost involved in alcohol addiction
Most of the rehab centers have a structured 30-day program for treating the individual, and it costs around $2000 in total to $2000 monthly. Sometimes, the rehab stay might be extended and the cost might go up. Rehabs offering luxurious facilities such as golf courses, meditation centers, chefs, spas, and more could be as high as $30,000 to $800,000 monthly. Generally, rehabilitation centers provide meals, lodging, doctors, and medical care and that is the reason the cost accompanying it might be a bit higher than other treatments.

Today, rehabs have started accepting insurance and this is really helpful for the patient, as many of the treatments are covered by insurance plans, such as medication during detoxification, expenses for treating withdrawal symptoms, overall monitoring costs, and psychological counseling. The payments can be made with monthly payment plans as well.

Get rid of alcohol addiction to start a new life
After detoxification and rehabilitation, patients need a supportive environment. They should not feel that they are left out and unwanted. There are certain social groups too that help people to adjust with social life. This therapy is free, where groups of people share individual experiences in leaving the addiction behind and starting a new life. There is a cost for everything, but the desire to start a new life is all it takes to get rid of the addiction.


Since 2001, Dr. Alexander Salerno has led Salerno Medical Associates in East Orange, New Jersey. Dr. Alexander Salerno focuses largely on urban communities and on delivering patient education about both medical and behavioral health issues, including alcohol addiction.