As the current year is coming to an end, most of us are busy making resolutions to start the New Year afresh and on the right note. The most common resolutions on anyone’s list include becoming more physically fit, shedding excess weight, climbing the success ladder, pursuing a new hobby, or giving oneself more time.


If read once again, you will realize that we are often selfish enough to think only about ourselves and our own betterment. Have we ever thought about how we can make a difference in the lives of others? How we can help them, not necessarily in monetary terms?


Let the coming year start on a positive note of you vowing to help others in whatever small way possible. If the selfish mind within you is asking “what’s there in it for me?,” there is actually plenty for you to get back. It will make you feel happy and help you connect with someone other than yourself; it will improve someone else’s life and make the world a better place. Eventually, the good you do will come back to you in some form or another.


Ways in which you can make a difference in someone’s life

  • It can all start with a simple smile. Often we are so engrossed in ourselves we fail to acknowledge those around us. A smile and inquiring about their well-being or wishing them a good day can help usher in positivity.
  • Volunteering is the best way to help others. It need not be a soup kitchen at which you volunteer. There are a number of charity organizations that need volunteers whether it is with teaching, rebuilding of lives, spending time with the elderly, or helping the disabled or underprivileged. You can choose a charity that you like and promise to volunteer some time every month.
  • You could consider making a donation to a worthy cause or to a charity. Even gifts for yourself during birthdays or Christmas can be redirected directly to a charity. Also, donations might not always be monetary. You could consider donating things that you do not use or have in excess. For instance, a sweater or a blanket in this cold weather to the needy will truly be appreciated. And better still, you could consider donating food to the homeless and poor. There is no better way to get blessings from the truly needy.
  • You could also give the gift of your time to those around you. Say a colleague is depressed and all he needs is a patient listener or even a warm hug, comforting him with assurance that things will be better soon. A person recently inactive for whatever reasons can be prodded to get back to an active life. Just spending some time with those who are lonely or depressed can make them feel a lot better.


Start the year with the resolution of spreading love to those around you—your family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers. And rest assured that what you give will multiply and come back to you in greater measure.