Bipolar disorder is a condition that is, by the definition, “bi” having two phases.

The first phase is mania, which oftentimes, patients actually love because they’re extremely productive, they have high energy, they’re accomplishing many things. Unfortunately, the other part of bipolar depression is the depression part and that’s the real challenge, because these patients, during that phase, have no energy, no motivation, can’t get out of bed, no productivity, no social interaction. It’s just a complete polar opposite.

Bipolar disorder, there’s not really a one-size-fits all approach. Treatment options include non-traditional methods like biofeedback and one-on-one counseling, the more traditional pharmacological options, which include medications, but the most important thing is you really just need to acknowledge that there is a problem and that starts by having a conversation with your physician or your

Again, Knowledge is Power. You can’t fix something until you realize that it exists.

Salerno Medical Associates’ Dr Alexander G Salerno talks about Bipolar Disorder: Causes and Treatment. Learn why Knowledge Is Power.