Childhood obesity. It’s a major epidemic in our country today. It’s having devastating effects on social, physical,
psychological and economical outcomes, not just today but for the future as well.

Causes of childhood obesity can be broken down into three categories.

Category number one, genetics. If our parents are obese there’s a strong likelihood that their children will be obese.

Number two, the environment in general. As pollution is increasing so is the negative impact it’s having on our youth today.

And finally, lifestyle. Gym classes have been replaced by the technology of X boxes, smartphones and computers.

So we know the causes of childhood obesity, now we need to know what are some of these solutions and cures. It starts, first, at the home with our parents and grandparents. Set an example, fill the cupboard with healthy snacks and meals. Partake in daily family activities that involve the great outdoors.

And also, it’s not just parents that need to set an example but our educators, our leaders, our athletes and our community in general. So ask questions. Get the facts. Knowledge is power.

Change makes a difference.