One of the top, most common complaints I see in the geriatric elderly population, in my office, is the complained of dizziness. So as a senior you should mention dizziness because dizziness results in fear of falling. Fear of falling results in changing your lifestyle and then ultimately a poor quality of life. When you look at dizziness, in some instances there are curious, cause sometimes it could be due to a complication of a sinus infection, something called labyrinthitis, in which case there are some medicines that can help. And then also, when it comes to just general, overall dizziness, Tau Chi, which is an exercise, has been shown to dramatically improve balance and reduce falls in the elderly.

So, again, not always do you have to go to a bottle and yet a pill, sometimes you have to actually go to putting in some time, effort. And in most instances, a form of exercise that correct and rectify dizziness, balance, gait disorder, all of which can lead to falls and emergency room visits. If you have questions, ask.

Remember, Knowledge is Power and you have to be an informed consumer to make the right choice.

Salerno Medical Associates’ Dr Alexander Salerno talks Dizziness in Elderly & Seniors: Causes & Treatment. Knowledge Is Power.