One should consider hospice, and have a discussion with hospice, when you have a loved one that is frequently visiting emergency rooms and hospitals for the same chronic condition. Conditions like terminal cancer, terminal congestive heart failure and advanced Alzheimer’s Disease.

The idea of hospice is for us to die with dignity and die with our families close to us, not into a sterile, cold environment like a hospital intensive care unit. Studies have shown that people under hospice live a little bit longer, live a lot better and die a lot better than they do in the overused intensive care units of hospitals today. Have a conversation with your doctor, and your doctor can always then direct you to even more knowledgeable organizations and centers where, again, people can come out to your house and sit down in the comfort of your living room to have this difficult conversation.

If you have questions, ask. Remember, Knowledge is Power and you have to be an informed consumer to make the right choice.

Salerno Medical Associates’ Dr Alexander Salerno talks Hospice Care: The Facts Vs Fiction. Hospice – Terminal Illness – Dying with Dignity. Find out why #Knowledge Is Power.