Seasonal Affective Disorder is exactly what the word sounds like. Seasonal changes affect our mood. So when we go from summer to winter, with the change in the time and change in the weather, it certainly has an direct impact on our mood, on our energy and our overall well-being.

The symptoms for seasonal affective disorder can vary. It can be as subtle as sleep disturbance, change in diet, change in appetite, change in energy levels to more serious conditions in that sense that it can affect your daily activities of living from work to social relationships to professional activities and outcomes.

Treatments include biofeedback, light therapy, exercise, weekend trips even out of the Northeast region. Some of these have been really shown to benefit seasonal affective disorder. Change the location, you changed the mood. If you feel that you’re suffering from seasonal affective disorder, don’t be shy, have a conversation with your clinician or doctor.

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Dr Alexander Salerno of Salerno Medical Associates

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