Patients with sleep apnea, it’s the old saying, quality versus quantity. They do not get the quality sleep because they don’t get enough oxygen. That, in turn, can lead to daytime fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, uncontrolled and difficult to control blood pressure. When the oxygen levels go down they could actually increase your risk for a cardiac arrhythmia, which means an irregular heartbeat. So that’s why you really can call sleep apnea a silent killer.

Take your smartphone, hit the recording button, put it by your bedstand, and then replay it in the morning and listen to what happens at night while you’re sleeping. Snoring, choking, not breathing for several seconds, or waking up gasping suddenly or choking for air, those are the signs or symptoms. Weight loss obviously is a major option, surgery is a second option and then third, and most common, is sleeping with an oxygen machine. So when you wake up the next day, you actually wake up refreshed. If you have questions, ask.

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Salerno Medical Associates’ Dr Alexander Salerno talks Sleep Apnea: Causes and Treatment. Find out why Knowledge Is Power.