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About Salerno Medical Associates

About Salerno Medical Associates In East Orange, New Jersey

Since its formation in 2001, Salerno Medical Associates has been dedicated to treating patients like family. This tradition stems back to the 1950s when Dr. Alphonse Salerno opened a home office in East Orange, New Jersey. A commitment to serving Essex County has enabled Salerno Medical Associates to provide several services for developing new and innovative programs over time. Discover why countless families throughout the region rely on Salerno Medical Associates for comprehensive primary, preventative, and proactive medical care.

Emphasis on Family-Focused Care From the Beginning

Our roots trace back to the 1950s when Dr. Alphonse Salerno established a home office in East Orange, New Jersey. Since its inception in 2001, our family-run practice has steadfastly delivered quality health care with a personal touch. This commitment has fueled our growth and innovation, allowing us to serve the Essex County community with various health services.

Dr. Alphonse Salerno’s illustrious career in healthcare set the foundation for our practice. A co-founder of Livingston Community Hospital, he held numerous prestigious positions, including Chief of Surgery and President of the Board of Governors at the American Academy of Osteopathic Surgeons. His contributions to the field were recognized when he was named Surgeon of the Year.

In tandem, Dr. Svetlana Salerno was breaking barriers as one of the first female physicians in Newark, NJ. Her pioneering spirit and dedication to patient care continue to inspire our practice. Today, their son, Dr. Alexander Salerno, carries forward this legacy, championing proactive and preventive care.

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Family-Focused Care: The Heart of Our Practice

For over 100 collective years, Salerno Medical Associates has served the communities of East Orange and Newark, NJ, emphasizing family-focused care. Our health professionals work together as a caring team to ensure that every patient receives personalized attention and quality care.

Commitment To The Community

In the face of social upheaval during the 1960s, many businesses fled urban areas. Yet, the Salerno family remained steadfast in their commitment to Essex County. This unwavering dedication to the community continued when Dr. Alphonse and Svetlana’s son, Dr. Alexander G. Salerno, returned home after serving as a United States Air Force captain to establish practice alongside his parents. His compassion for patients, cultivated through witnessing his parents’ dedication, led him to create Salerno Medical Associates in 2001, incorporating both his mother’s and father’s practices.

Expanding Healthcare Services

Driven by an aspiration to carry his parents’ legacy into the 21st century, Dr. Alexander G. Salerno has extended the range of health services we offer to meet the changing healthcare needs of the growing urban communities of East Orange and the surrounding areas.

In homage to the house-call program his father initiated in the 1950s, Dr. Alexander Salerno launched the Senior Healthcare Outreach Program (SHOP) when Salerno Medical Associates first opened. As the longest-running program of its kind in Essex County, it has since evolved into the Community Health Care Outreach Program (CHOP), which now includes services for individuals with mental health issues.

Moreover, in 2010, Dr. Alexander Salerno introduced the Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP) to reach underserved urban groups. The goal of UHIP is to address healthcare disparities in these communities. Dr. Salerno and his team conduct extensive healthcare outreach in collaboration with local religious organizations, community centers, and even small businesses like barbershops. These efforts enable Salerno Medical Associates to serve a broad patient base and advocate for the broader needs of the community.

Meeting Ever-Changing Healthcare Needs in Urban Communities

Understanding the unique health concerns of the diverse population in East Orange and surrounding areas, Dr. Alexander Salerno sought to meet these evolving needs by expanding healthcare services. In 2015, he established the Metropolitan Medical Group as an extension of Salerno Medical Associates, just across the street.

In 2016, following the passing of Dr. Salerno’s father-in-law, Dr. Raouf Elias, Salerno Medical Associates partnered with Roseville Medical Society. Upholding Dr. Elias’s legacy of care and compassion, Dr. Salerno and his dedicated team of healthcare professionals continue to serve the patient population with high-quality care.

In 2021, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Salerno Medical Associates further expanded its reach by opening North Ward Medical Arts. This new venture aims to bring exceptional patient care back to Newark, where Dr. Svetlana Salerno first established her practice.

Recognizing that primary care services were not the only need in urban communities, Salerno Medical Associates expanded to provide vital specialty care services. This growth led to the establishment of North Ward Behavioral Health Center, Newark Vein and Vascular Center, and Prospect Spine and Pain.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to address disparities in the healthcare system, Salerno Medical Associates and associated care centers established a Population Health Department. This initiative has earned the organization a federal grant, further empowering them to increase services for patients in urban communities.

Rebranding to Nirvana Healthcare Management Services

We’re excited to announce our rebranding to Nirvana Healthcare Management Services, a name that encapsulates our dedication to holistic preventative medicine. We now operate from four locations across the greater Newark area, East Orange, and soon, Bloomfield, each designed to offer a calming ambiance for our patients. Our healthcare professionals are committed to personalizing patient experiences in our fast-paced, high-volume practice settings.

With a history spanning over 75 years, our second-generation, family-run practice has consistently provided exceptional patient outcomes and experiences for our 25,000+ strong patient population in Essex County.

Your Trusted Point of Contact for Health Concerns

As your primary care doctor, we serve as the first point of contact for patients, offering preventative health services, diagnosing common illnesses, and managing chronic conditions. Our coordinated care delivery ensures you receive the right care at the right time.

Augmenting Primary and Preventative Care Services

In line with Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” Dr. Alexander Salerno, like his parents Drs. Alphonse and Svetlana Salerno believe in the power of prevention in healthcare. This approach goes beyond merely treating medical problems to prioritizing disease prevention.

Carrying his parents’ legacy into the 21st century, Dr. Alexander Salerno focuses on proactive medicine and has introduced in-house preventative screenings. Paired with our primary services, these offerings ensure that families receive the comprehensive care they need for better overall health and wellness.

Making the Patient Feel at Home

At Salerno Medical Associates, we understand the importance of making our patients feel at home. We believe in fostering a warm, welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable and cared for. We embarked on a significant renovation project from 2005 to 2007 to achieve this. We aimed to modernize our facilities and enhance the quality of our care services and patient experience.

Our unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes has not gone unnoticed. In October 2014, United Healthcare recognized Salerno Medical Associates in a full-page Star-Ledger article as a leading healthcare metrics provider. Our innovative approach to patient care consistently delivers exceptional results.

We attained the highest tier ranking for outstanding care in an office setting following our participation in a Horizon-piloted, patient-centered medical home program. Our consistent dedication to patient care was again recognized in 2022 when we received the prestigious United Hero Award from United Healthcare.

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Salerno Medical Associates has been providing quality, affordable healthcare to residents of Newark, East Orange, and environs for more than seventy years.

Salerno Medical Associates is part of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services, which oversees multiple primary and specialty care locations in Newark and East Orange, NJ, including Metropolitan Medical Group, Roseville Medical Society, North Ward Medical Arts, Armenti Medical Group, and house visits for eligible patients through CHOP (Community Healthcare Outreach Program). Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is a network for patients in Essex County, NJ, who need providers for different medical concerns.