While people may joke that “memory is the first thing to go” as they age, there is quite a bit of truth in that statement. Memory often becomes increasingly unreliable in old age, with people forgetting key details of their life, or what they had for breakfast that morning. One of the signs of impending […]
Melanoma is defined as a cancer of the skin where skin cells or melanocytes, which usually function in an orderly and controlled manner, undergo a change in their DNA and start growing out of control. They form a mass of cells, leading to skin cancer or melanoma. Melanoma is a common form of cancer, being […]
Neurological disorders affect the brain, spine as well as the nerves which connect the two and also branch out throughout the body. There are close to six hundred different neurological diseases that can affect a person, and they all vary in severity on a case by case basis. Most know about are common ones, such […]
With the increasing prevalence of sedentary lifestyles, obesity affects both men and women all across the world. In addition, with time for these patterns to trickle down in the family, obesity is also being observed among kids. Childhood obesity, as it is commonly known, is a condition in which a child gains excess weight that […]
The blissful embrace of a truly restful and profound sleep is a universal desire, yet sadly, it eludes many adults on a regular basis. Oh, the wonders of deep slumber, if only we could fully fathom your depths. Sleep is not only synonymous with tranquility and well-being but also serves as a potent stress-reliever, addressing […]
Don’t make the mistake of taking dizziness for granted. Dizzy spells come and go, often forgotten until they return, but, for the elderly in particular, they may be much more than a nuisance or annoyance. Sometimes stooping or rising quickly from a seated or reclining position will make you temporarily lightheaded when you achieve a […]
If you frequently find yourself feeling dizzy, there are a wide range of potential causes that could be to blame. Understanding the different possibilities can help you find the right treatment moving forward, but being able to sift through them can feel daunting. Here we will go over some of the most common and major […]
Vaccines play an instrumental role in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, shielding against various diseases and infections. They are categorized based on their manufacturing process and include: The average patient may hear different facts about different vaccines and are unsure what to believe. While getting to know and understand the main categories of vaccines, you […]
Polyps, frequently located in the colon and rectum, are unusual growths that have undergone mutations. It’s crucial to keep an eye on these growths, considering their potential to develop into cancer. In fact, during a colonoscopy, it’s generally advised to remove all polyps, regardless of whether they are benign or malignant. To mitigate the risk […]
Dizziness is a familiar sensation of feeling lightheaded or unbalanced. It is not necessarily a standalone disorder but can be symptomatic of various ailments, including vertigo and ear infections, nervous system disorders, endocrine system diseases such as diabetes, and even heart ailments. While some instances of dizziness are harmless, others can be severe and recurrent. […]
Pneumonia is a serious lung infection caused by bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is a dangerous condition that can lead to respiratory problems, chest pain, high fever, and breathing difficulties. Pneumonia can affect anyone, but it is particularly dangerous for children and adults who are over 50 years old or have a history of smoking, […]
Food forms the basis for the survival of all individuals. Besides being the fuel that drives our bodies, the food we eat can also define how we are, how our body operates, and what disorders or conditions develop or are likely to develop. Thus, it is safe to say that our food defines how healthy […]
Pelvic pain is a condition that is experienced in the lower abdominal areas between the buttocks and below the belly button. Chronic pelvic pain is defined as pain that lasts for several months or longer and can lead to several problems, especially for women. In most cases, pelvic pain is a sign of an existing […]
Drinking alcohol is a common social activity, and most people can enjoy a drink without it becoming problematic. However, some individuals may struggle with alcohol addiction or dependency, which can lead to a host of problems for themselves and those around them. We will explore the differences between social drinkers and alcoholics and provide insight […]
More women die of breast cancer than any other cancer, and men, although in a distinct minority with barely one percent of the cases, are not immune. As the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women, breast cancer is a serious concern for many people. Each year, over 268,250 women in the United States will be […]