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Private medical practices located in East Orange and Newark, NJ

People throughout the neighboring communities should have ready access to vital health care and human services for their various medical needs. Finding a healthcare services group that can provide specialized care and support for these various maladies is more vital than ever. For people in East Orange, Newark, NJ, and the surrounding areas, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is here to assist.

Empowering people across communities to take control of their health and well-being, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is focused on the entire patient experience. The coordinated team of primary and specialty care providers across all locations is dedicated to ensuring patients throughout Essex County, New Jersey, have access to a high standard of care. The goal is to cultivate more positive outcomes and foster better health while ensuring patients find the care they need.

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Not only does our family take good care of you, but our aesthetically pleasing locations are decorated to relieve the stress of a typical sterile medical office. The interior design of each building is welcoming and inviting. Every site aims to give our patients a comfortable and inviting experience they often don’t find at larger medical facilities.

We take great pride in the atmosphere of our facilities. Each location is a restored family home outfitted with state-of-the-art medical testing and services. You can rest assured that you are getting top-notch medical care from our teams and ensure you get the clinical treatment and service you need.

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Healthcare Services

Private Medical Practices Located in East Orange and Newark, NJ

The trusted providers across our facilities perform various healthcare services in Essex County, NJ. The fully integrated team from Nirvana Healthcare Management Services caters to a wide variety of needs, focusing on preventive and proactive healthcare. We understand that every patient requires specialized health care and other necessities. Our teams treat you with the utmost respect and provide the personal care you need.

Our team includes the following areas:
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Primary Care Providers

Across our primary care locations, the providers take a holistic and comprehensive approach to ensure patients can maintain their overall health. The clinicians are well-versed in diagnosing and treating common medical issues, and laboratory services are available at all locations. From routine screenings and vaccinations to preventive care, patients can depend on a preferred provider with specialized training to be the primary point person throughout their wellness journey.

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Speciality Care Providers

Experienced in complex medical issues, interdisciplinary specialty care providers are vital for patients with diverse health needs across our communities. Whether patients suffer from a vascular, spinal, or behavioral health condition, the providers create personalized treatment programs that suit distinct needs and offer services in state-of-the-art yet comfortable environments.

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Population Healthcare Providers

Under the belief that everyone is entitled to compassionate, comprehensive healthcare, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services is proud to serve the community’s most vulnerable members. Fully integrated providers work together as a team to bridge the gap between behavioral health and primary care. Services are offered in outpatient settings, as well as in the homes of eligible patients.

Who we are:
Healthcare Services

Collectively, the trusted providers across facilities perform a host of healthcare services in Essex County, NJ. The fully integrated team from Nirvana Healthcare Management Services caters to a wide variety of needs, with a focus on preventive and proactive healthcare.

Primary Care Practices

Salerno Medical Associates

Salerno Medical Associates works to provide our patients with a comprehensive approach to their vital primary care services. We emphasize preventative care and patient education to help empower everyone that comes through our door to the initiative with their ongoing health care.

Metropolitan Medical Group

With the growing local population, we needed to expand our operations to meet the needs of our clients and patients. The Metropolitan Medical Group opened in 2014 and aimed to provide the community with accessible primary care services, focusing on coordination of care, wellness visits, preventative health screenings, and more. We help our patients determine what’s wrong and give them the ability to receive the vital care they deserve.

Roseville Medical Society

The Roseville Medical Society aims to provide our patients with a comprehensive list of healthcare services that put their health first and utilize the latest technology and techniques to help them achieve their health goals.

North Ward Medical Arts

Access to high-quality medical care shouldn’t have to be a far-flung hope and a dream for underrepresented communities. North Ward Medical Arts was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic to help provide these underrepresented individuals with easily accessible care programs that they deserve.

Specialty Care Practices

Newark Vein and Vascular Center, LLC

If you experience a wide range of skin and vein issues, you want an experienced medical team to diagnose the problem. The Newark Vein and Vascular Center, LLC, provides the community with minimally invasive treatment programs to help resolve their issues. With a wide range of innovative procedures and techniques, we aim to give our patients the specialized help they deserve.

North Ward Behavioral Health Center

Mental health services are a focus area that our communities need more ready access to experience the wealth of benefits. From one-on-one therapy sessions to family counseling, we provide a range of mental healthcare services you or your loved one needs.

Prospect Spine & Pain

No one wants to experience back and spine pain, but finding specialized treatments can prove challenging. At Prospect Spine & Pain, we work with our clients to ensure they receive the specialized therapy and treatment to address the source of the pain.

Trust Nirvana Healthcare Services Group With Your Health

Our team prides itself on giving our patients a comprehensive and compassionate approach to their healthcare needs. We work with you to provide the most complete picture of your health and the steps needed to remedy the situation. With our network of offices and specialties, we can provide the necessary service to get to the bottom of your unique needs. Contact our team and schedule your next appointment within our network today.

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