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About North Ward Medical Arts

About North Ward Medical Arts In Newark, New Jersey

North Ward Medical Arts is a leading medical arts clinic that operates under the umbrella of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. Our primary focus is on providing exceptional healthcare services to the communities of Essex County, with a strong commitment to the overall health and well-being of our patients.

We understand the importance of comprehensive care and the significance of diagnosing and treating various health conditions. Since our founding, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been striving to address the healthcare needs most underrepresented in our community. To that end, we utilize a multi-disciplinary approach by infusing old and new healthcare methods, resulting in a more flexible and responsive experience overall.

Our History

A focus on community and family-centered care is built into the DNA of North Ward Medical Arts. As part of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services, its history dates back to the establishment of Salerno Medical Associates, which was founded in 2001 by Dr. Alexander G. Salerno. Continuing the legacy of his parents (Drs. Alfonse and Svetlana Salerno), Dr. A G Salerno established the healthcare organization to merge the traditional healthcare approach of showing every patient family-like compassion with the modern diagnostic and treatment methods of the 21st century.

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Prioritizing Preventative Care & Patient Experience

Medical arts is a multifaceted and interdisciplinary approach to healthcare that integrates various forms of artistic expression with the practice of medicine. This innovative field recognizes that healing extends beyond the physical aspect of health and encompasses the emotional, psychological, and even spiritual well-being of individuals. Medical arts also involve the creation of healing environments, such as aesthetically pleasing healthcare facilities, to promote a sense of comfort and calmness. All primary care and specialty office locations managed by Nirvana Healthcare Management are thoughtfully crafted by converting homes and mansions into medical facilities. By doing so, we not only provide exceptional medical care but also create a warm and comforting environment that feels like home. Our dedicated approach ensures that patients receive the highest level of care and comfort, surpassing the sterile and impersonal setting of traditional hospitals. In essence, medical arts recognize the profound connection between creativity and well-being, offering a holistic approach to healthcare that fosters healing, resilience, and improved quality of life for patients.

Every doctor within your care team at North Ward Medical Arts of Newark, NJ, specializes in the following:

In October 2014, the organization named North Ward Medical Arts a top metrics healthcare provider for providing pioneering and reliable healthcare outcomes in a full-page Star-Ledger article. Additionally, as part of a Horizon-piloted and patient-centered medical home program, the practice received the highest tier ranking for accomplishing stellar healthcare results in an office setting.

About Nirvana Healthcare Management Services

North Ward Medical Arts is part of a larger network of primary and specialty care locations housed under Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. Physician-owned and operated, this organization focuses on augmenting the patient experience by promoting standardization of care for adult patients in Essex County, NJ.

In 2022, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services developed the Department of Population Health in response to developing healthcare needs in the diverse urban communities it serves.

This program allows the organization to continue providing high-quality healthcare to patients in East Orange and Newark, NJ.

Furthermore, New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) awarded Nirvana Healthcare Management Services a $500,000 grant, making it the only medical practice to attain such financial support from the agency. With these resources, our healthcare organization will further its efforts to improve primary and specialty care, enhance patient outcomes, and nurture better health and wellness overall.

Expanding Compassionate, Comprehensive Care In Essex County

Since Salerno Medical Associates opened in 2001, Dr. Alexander G. Salerno has been expanding services for clients to meet various healthcare needs in the community. He brought back the traditional house calls for older patients through the Senior Healthcare Outreach Program (SHOP) in 2002, which later became the Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP Health) to include services for people with mental health issues. In 2010, Dr. Salerno started the Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP) to help close disparities in healthcare outcomes impacting patients in urban communities.

Metropolitan Medical Group was founded in 2014 to expand primary care services, and Dr. Salerno joined his father-in-law, Dr. Raouf Elias, in 2015 to assist him in caring for patients at Roseville Medical Society. In 2021, several specialty care practices were added to offer patients in the community much-needed services. These specialty locations include Newark Vein and Vascular Center, North Ward Behavioral Health Center, and Prospect Spine and Pain.

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At North Ward Medical Arts, we take pride in our commitment to the wellness and well-being of each patient. Our clinicians and healthcare professionals work together to provide personalized care and develop a tailored wellness plan for your specific needs.

Whether searching for internal medicine or specialty care, individuals will find the services they need at North Ward Medical Arts. Following the mantra of taking care of patients as they would their family members, our physicians adhere to a comprehensive and compassionate approach.

Your overall health is our top priority, and we are proud to be your partner in achieving and maintaining it. Schedule an appointment with our providers today and experience the difference in healthcare that North Ward Medical Arts offers.