| August 30, 2022
How can I check the status of my medical record request OR schedule a time to pick them up?

Please contact the Medical Records department, Dial 973-672-8573, select the All-other callers (prompt 5), then dial 2 for medical records.

| August 30, 2022
When can I expect to receive my records? May I pick up my records?

Medical records are mailed, not faxed, no later than 30 days from the date the signed request was received. Medical records may also be picked up. (Photo identification is required at pick up). To schedule a time to pick up your medical records or for urgent requests, call 973-672-8573, select the All-other callers prompt (dial 5), then dial 2 for…

| August 30, 2022
How do I complete the Medical Records Authorization form?

The form must be filled out and signed to process the request. Include dates of service, physician, specialty, and type of information, for example: Consultation, Operative reports, Pathology, Labs, etc. If no dates are specified, the last year of information will be provided. Did you know: By specifying exactly what you need or by selecting Medical Record Abstract, your request…

| August 30, 2022
Who is authorized to sign a patient’s Medical Records Authorization form for release?

Yourself (not a spouse) A parent if the patient is under the age of 18 years of age Court-appointed guardian. (Must provide legal documents) Power of Attorney if the patient is unable to sign (must have documentation)

| August 30, 2022
What if my insurance claim is denied?

Talk with your health insurance provider to clearly understand the details of your plan and coverage.

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