Alexander Salerno, MD, Lead Physician at Salerno Medical Associates in New Jersey

Alexander Salerno, MD, Lead Physician at Salerno Medical Associates in New Jersey

Dr. Alexander Salerno is a second-generation physician in internal medicine and visionary entrepreneur leading Nirvana Healthcare Management Services (NHMS) with a mission to provide exceptional healthcare services while prioritizing compassion and community outreach. As the CEO of NHMS, Dr. Salerno oversees a network of primary and specialty care practices, dedicated to offering comprehensive medical care to individuals in need.

NHMS, founded in 2020, encompasses a total of eight divisions, including primary care practices such as Salerno Medical Associates (SMA), Metropolitan Medical Group (MMG), Roseville Medical Society (RMS), North Ward Medical Arts (NWMA) and Armenti Medical Group (AMG). Additionally, NHMS houses specialty medical practices like North Ward Behavioral Health (NWBH), Prospect Spine and Pain Management (PSPM), and Newark Vein and Vascular Center (NVVC), providing a wide range of healthcare services to meet diverse patient needs.

Driven by a commitment to expanding services to the community and inspired by his parents’ legacy of compassionate care, Dr. Salerno established the Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP) in 2005. CHOP serves homebound senior patients and individuals with mental health concerns, ensuring that vulnerable populations receive the care and support they deserve. In 2010, Dr. Salerno introduced the Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP), offering educational programs focused on preventative medicine and empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

The impactful contributions of CHOP, UHIP, and SMA have been recognized through prestigious awards and accolades. CHOP was honored with the Francis Black Humanitarian Award in Healthcare in 2005, while SMA received recognition from United Healthcare for its patient-centered home program. Dr. Salerno’s dedication to serving the community and promoting proactive healthcare initiatives has garnered widespread acclaim and appreciation.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in the medical field, Dr. Salerno is a retired Captain of the US Air Force Medical Reserves and holds board certification in internal medicine. His affiliations with prominent medical centers and hospitals in New Jersey, along with his role as an Adjunct Professor at New York University School of Nurse Practitioners, reflect his commitment to advancing healthcare education and practice.

NHMS embodies Dr. Salerno’s vision of combining medical expertise with compassionate care to make quality healthcare accessible to all individuals. Through innovative programs and community outreach efforts, NHMS aims to influence positive health behaviors and improve healthcare outcomes for individuals across diverse communities.

Dr. Salerno’s unwavering dedication to his patients and his passion for community service are rooted in his childhood experiences observing his parents’ commitment to compassionate care. Continuing their legacy through SMA and NHMS, he emphasizes the importance of listening, understanding, and connecting with patients to provide holistic and personalized healthcare services.

As NHMS continues to expand its reach and impact, Dr. Salerno remains optimistic about the shift towards proactive, preventative medicine. He believes that by prioritizing education and community engagement, healthcare outcomes can be significantly improved, leading to a healthier and more vibrant society.

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