Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP)

A Population Health Approach in Newark, NJ, and the Surrounding Communities

The Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP) falls under the population health office at Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. By identifying specific segments of Nirvana’s patient population, CHOP provides personalized, proactive care to our most at-risk patients. Our APN-based care model offers coordinated, comprehensive care so our patients with multiple chronic conditions can achieve the best health outcomes possible.

The Community Outreach Program (CHOP) of Nirvana Healthcare Medical Services remains dedicated to providing comprehensive medical community outreach services aimed at chronic disease prevention and management for our community. Our passionate team works tirelessly to alleviate the significant burden that chronic diseases can have on individuals and their families. We know that for underrepresented communities, finding affordable and accessible health care can prove challenging. With the leading causes of disease in the communities changing, we’re here to provide the access people living with chronic illnesses need to thrive.

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Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Our primary focus is on chronic disease prevention and management. From heart disease, one of the leading causes of death globally, to Alzheimer’s disease and high blood pressure, we strive to provide resources and support to those living with these and many chronic diseases. We also offer programs for behavioral health, COVID-19 vaccinations, and services for seniors and the homebound.

Support for Chronic Illness

Living with a chronic illness or multiple chronic illnesses can be challenging. That’s why we offer support groups for individuals and family members affected by any chronic disease or condition. These groups provide a safe space for sharing experiences, learning from others, and fostering community. With seniors and homebound individuals dealing with conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and other chronic illnesses, our team can arrive at their homes and perform on-site doctor’s visits and medical exams to screen for additional conditions. We work within our communities to provide these vital services to help people better manage their chronic illnesses and live happy lives.

Advocacy for Underserved Populations

Everyone deserves access to quality health care, regardless of their circumstances. As such, we are committed to reaching out to underserved populations, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to manage any chronic condition. We work within our community to find those who have issues with their health but often don’t reach out for the care they need for various reasons. By making our CHOP services readily available, we strive to give our patients everything they need for their continued health care.

Collaboration With UHIP

The Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP) is a health literacy advocacy program providing educational support and training to individuals and organizations. Founded in 2010, the organization is the brainchild of Dr. Alexander Salerno in response to growing disparities in healthcare outcomes in the urban communities in the Greater Newark Area. Dr. Salerno recognized that access to care must be coupled with health information if health outcomes are to be optimized. Through the CHOP-UHIP collaboration, community members are equipped and empowered to make informed decisions about their healthcare. UHIP operates on the principle that “Knowledge is Power.”

Promoting Self Care and Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Self-care is crucial to managing chronic diseases, mental health conditions and promoting overall health. We provide education and tools to help individuals develop healthy lifestyle habits, such as regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress management techniques. Additionally, we provide programs centered around the Nirvana Healthcare Medical Services network’s behavioral services. These programs help our communities access mental health care services they may not have received otherwise. Finding mental health care you can trust can prove incredibly challenging, but the CHOP program is here to help make it less of a burden and more accessible.

Combating Social Isolation

Social isolation can be a significant issue for those with a mental or chronic illness. Our programs aim to foster social connections and provide emotional support, helping enhance our program participants’ mental health and well-being.

Family Involvement in Chronic Disease Management

We recognize that family members play a crucial role in managing a loved one’s chronic disease. We provide resources and support to help families better understand these conditions and how best to provide care and support.

The CHOP Team

Our team, a blend of skilled health professionals and dedicated community health workers, ensures CHOP’s objectives are met. Their commitment to health promotion and community outreach sets CHOP apart.

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Our CHOP programs strive to give everyone within our community access to vital medical care and the support they need to feel like part of something bigger. Whether you’re living with a chronic disease, caring for someone with a chronic illness, or looking to prevent these conditions, our team is here to help. We work with everyone within our local community to make the prospect of getting medical treatment less daunting and more inviting.

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