Knee Conditions

Knee Conditions

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The knee joint comprises the fibula (calf bone), patella (kneecap), femur (thigh bone), and tibia (shin bone), which all work together in tandem with tendons and ligaments to help our bodies move. When a patient experiences pain in the knee or surrounding areas, it may indicate the presence of a common knee condition. At Prospect Spine and Pain (PSP) in Newark, New Jersey, our board-certified and fellowship-trained Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician, Dr. Maria Cabodevilla-Conn, is standing by to help you identify the root cause of your knee pain and start you on a fully individualized, minimally invasive treatment plan.

Signs and Symptoms of Knee Conditions

Knee conditions are usually the result of repeated stress on the joint, injury, aging, or underlying disease. However, they can have other causes such as inactivity, sitting in a constrained position, or sitting on the knees for too long. Whatever the cause, knee conditions share a host of common signs and symptoms, including:

  • Continuous achiness
  • Swelling
  • Stiffness
  • Shooting, sharp pain
  • Discomfort that feels like a dull burning
  • Limited or no mobility
  • Clicking, grinding, or popping sensations
  • Worsening symptoms when being physically active

Common Knee Problems We Treat

At Prospect Spine and Pain (PSP), Dr. Maria Cabodevilla-Conn and our team develop completely individualized treatment plans for patients with a range of common knee conditions, including:

  • Arthritis: This condition is characterized by joint inflammation that progresses with age, as the body loses its ability to repair itself after wear and tear.
  • Tendonitis: Also known as patellar tendonitis or jumper’s knee, this condition involves the inflammation of the tendon connecting the kneecap to the shinbone.
  • Meniscal tears: info
  • Sprained ligaments: This occurs when a ligament, the fibrous band of tissue connecting joints to bones, sustains a tear or is stretched irregularly.
  • Strained muscles: When knee muscles are strained, it means they’ve been torn or overstretched, which is why this condition is often referred to as a pulled muscle.

Fully Personalized, Multimodal Treatment for Knee Conditions

If you or a loved one is experiencing troublesome knee symptoms, seek the opinion of our highly respected PM&R physician, Dr. Maria Cabodevilla-Conn. Treating patients of all ages, she specializes in minimally invasive pain management treatments to treat the whole patient – not just the problem area. During your first consultation, Dr. Maria Cabodevilla-Conn will utilize specialized examination techniques, medical imaging, and more to determine the source of your knee pain and rule out the possibility of the symptoms being caused by a non-knee-related issue. Then, with her broad medical expertise that enables her to treat disabling conditions throughout a patient’s lifetime, Dr. Maria Cabodevilla-Conn will form a completely customized treatment plan that addresses knee pain symptoms without the need for surgery.

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