Jonathan Gonzalez

Board Certification: Board of Pharmacy

Pharmacist located in East Orange and Newark, NJ

Dr. Jonathan Gonzalez joined Nirvana Healthcare Management Services (NHMS) in 2020 as a pharmacotherapy specialist at the Park Avenue (Orange) location. He brings to his current position extensive professional training, including an eight-month internship at Salerno Medical Associates (2019-2020).

Dr. Gonzalez completed his pharmacy residency at Newark Beth Israel Hospital. His initial work experience (2014-2020) involved retail pharmacies in New Jersey and California. His advanced pharmacy practice experience was conducted in the military, and in hospital and retail pharmacies—once again in California and New Jersey. In addition to his RPh (Registered Pharmacist) degree, Dr. Gonzalez earned his doctorate in pharmacology (PharmD) cum laude in 2020. He is a Board-Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist (BCPS).

Nirvana responsibilities include a review of all adult and geriatric patient charts to ensure that patients are receiving appropriate medications and dosages; patient monitoring to ensure compliance with their medication regimens; and patient education and consultations. Dr. Gonzalez considers his experience at Nirvana to be “inspiring.” He enjoys the collaborative spirit of the various medical specialists as well as the excellent communications among NHMS departments.

His experience with one patient, in particular, is memorable. During a consultation, he learned that his patient’s financial situation precluded her from purchasing a specific medication that had been prescribed. Dr. Gonzalez was able to provide her with a sufficient quantity of samples. This, she told him, made it possible for her not to have to decide “Do I buy my meds or do I buy food?” “At Nirvana, we take care of our patients.”