Missy (Miossoti) Mendez

Director of Operations for Salerno Medical Associates located in East Orange and Newark, NJ

Ms. Miossoti Mendez joined Salerno Medical Associates (SMA), now Nirvana Healthcare Management Services (NHMS), seventeen years ago, in 2005, when Missy (as she likes to be called) was in her early twenties. A stellar work ethic and a knack for relating to, and communicating with, her fellow staff members and patients resulted in her taking on increasing responsibilities. Her current position is Director of Operations, and she is based at NHMS headquarters, 613 Park Avenue, Orange. Missy is bilingual.

As Director of Operations, Ms. Mendez oversees six departments, ensuring that all individuals and departments comply with all NHMS-established policies, procedures, and protocols. As the company expanded its facilities, staff, and services, Missy provided valuable feedback to help in the development and implementation of new policies, procedures, and protocols.

“My staff of twenty-two and I oversee the operations of each department. We develop and implement front desk policies and procedures; identify areas that require additional streamlining; facilitate communications among providers, vendors, and company personnel; and—apply the appropriate metrics—achieve clearly defined departmental objectives and increased efficiencies.”

Missy describes her work experience as “rewarding.” She enjoys interacting with both colleagues and patients. One meaningful experience that she clearly remembers occurred in the summer of 2010, when she and her staff were working in the Mount Prospect Avenue, Newark location.

The property was undergoing major expansion and renovation, leading to extremely dusty, noisy, and frenetic activity. Missy and two coworkers entered the building and stepped into a pool of water that was seeping from the ceilings and the walls. Patients would soon be arriving. What to do? Just then, Dr. Alexander Salerno—impeccably dressed, as always—arrived, assessed the situation, and took decisive action, declaring, “We’re out of here!” This was Missy’s first “red bike” moment and a chance to reflect, “Together, as a family! United, as one!”