Rubi Then

Director of Operations for North Ward Medical Arts located in East Orange and Newark, NJ

Rubi Then is the Director of Operations, at Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. Her office is North Ward Medical Arts (NWMA) in Newark. Despite her relative youth (Rubi is in her late twenties), Ms. Then brings to her position considerable professional experience. Rubi is bilingual.

She will earn her BS in Human Resources Management in 2023. Previous managerial experience included two years with a New Jersey physical therapy facility, followed by two years with Mountainside Hospital Center.

As Director of Operations since the fall of 2019, Ms. Then has a wide range of responsibilities. Current initiatives include, but are by no means limited to, streamlining administrative operations, including workflow; developing and implementing procedures to enhance departmental efficiencies; recordkeeping and reporting; and promoting effective communications among Nirvana’s divisions, colleagues, and patients.

Rubi credits Nirvana with her professional development. She understands the myriad challenges of effective leadership, the need for productive teamwork, and the importance of consistent, candid communications. Ms. Then loves being part of team a of highly committed healthcare professionals, and considers one of her most important professional goals to be “helping those in need.”

A meaningful experience, to date, has been seeing the employees of Salerno Medical Associates (SMA) coming together in 2021 to meet the unrelenting challenges of Covid. She remembers, “Some clinics, urgent care centers, and hospitals were not able to provide the same level of care that SMA provided to our patients and to the community.” She is proud to be part of the Nirvana family.