About Roseville Medical Society in New Jersey

At Roseville Medical Society, families throughout Newark, New Jersey, receive high-quality primary and preventative care from physicians dedicated to meeting their unique healthcare needs. Roseville Medical Society believes in delivering exceptional care and forming long-term relationships with patients.

Dr. Elias and a Commitment to Outstanding Service

Dr. Raouf Elias assumed leadership of Roseville Medical Society in the 1970s, setting an excellent standard of care by handling all patient concerns with the utmost tenderness. His dedication to the community garnered him a reputation throughout Newark, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Elias had an impressive medical background in Essex County. He served at Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, Clara Maass Medical Center in Belleville, and the former Columbus Hospital and United Hospitals in Newark. He was medical director at Alaris Health at Cedar Grove, president of the medical staff at Columbus Hospital, and held a position on the executive board of Saint Michael’s Medical Center. This noteworthy career landed him a nomination for Doctor of the Year in Essex County.

Dr. Salerno Continues the Promise of Providing Care

In 2015, Dr. Alexander G. Salerno, Dr. Elias’ son-in-law, came to Roseville Medical Society to assist him in serving families. With Dr. Elias’ passing in February 2016, Dr. Salerno carried on his father-in-law’s legacy of building relationships with patients and the community at large. He and other physicians continue to run Roseville Medical Society under Nirvana Healthcare Management Services, keeping the memory of Dr. Elias alive by following his approach when caring for families.

Patient Quote:

“Dr. Elias was my mother’s physician for many years. He was a true humanitarian. My mom use to talk about how great a doctor he was. He really cared for and loved his patients. We miss the authenticity of heart-felt doctors today. We offer condolences to Dr. Elias’ family. It is 2021 and Dr. Elias came into my heart this morning. RIP.” – Sandy Rucker

Expanding the Mission of Patient-Centered Care

With Dr. Alexander Salerno continuing the legacy of his father-in-law in 2015, Roseville Medical Society became part of a long history of the Salerno family serving patients in Essex County, NJ. It enabled Dr. Salerno to bring the compassionate, family-centered care to Newark that his parents, Drs. Alphonse and Svetlana Salerno, first brought to East Orange in the 1950s.

Dr. Alexander Salerno’s father believed in a phrase originally coined by Benjamin Franklin in 1736 — “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Dr. Elias also agreed with the sentiment and the perspective enables Roseville Medical Society to prioritize prevention over reactive treatment. With this approach, patients receive proactive treatment as opposed to reactive medicine after a disease or disorder develops. Ultimately, this mentality helps patients receive better overall health and wellness.

About Nirvana Healthcare Management Services

As part of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services, Roseville Medical Society offers patients services beyond primary care. Physician-owned and operated, this management company focuses on augmenting the patient experience by maintaining a consistent and high-quality level of care across all brands. By supplying clinical staff with streamlined medical processes, Nirvana Healthcare Management Services make attaining better outcomes a reality for patients.

Through this partnership, patients visiting Roseville Medical Society for care may also obtain in-house testing and specialty services through North Ward Behavioral Health Center, Newark Vein and Vascular Center, and Prospect Spine and Pain.

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For years, generations of families have depended on Roseville Medical Society for compassionate, patient-centered care. Physicians provide primary care services, like routine wellness visits and preventative screenings, as well as specialty care in women’s health, internal medicine, and other areas.

Roseville Medical Society belongs to Nirvana Healthcare Management Services, which operates several primary and specialty care locations in Newark and East Orange, NJ, including Salerno Medical Associates, Metropolitan Medical Group, North Ward Medical Arts, and CHOP. Contact Roseville Medical Society at 973-482-7245 to request an appointment.