Salerno Medical Associates (SMA) provides comprehensive, affordable healthcare services at four locations—two in East Orange and two in Newark. We are one of only a few practices in Essex County that accepts new patients with private insurance as well as patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid. All four locations have in-house laboratories and testing facilities. This means quality assurance and fast test results.

For seventy years, our highly-skilled, compassionate providers have been committed to building long-term relationships with our patients. Using a multidisciplinary approach, SMA’s focus is primary care medicine. However, we also are staffed and equipped to provide three specialized medical services that are in great demand. They are North Ward Behavioral Health, Prospect Spine and Pain, and Newark Vein and Vascular Center.

Holistic Health Care Overseen by Our Caring Staff

At SMA, our patients’ well-being is our highest priority. A second-generation practice, we use the most advanced diagnostic tools and provide the most effective, evidence-based treatments.

Our team approach to diagnosis and treatment emphasizes preventative care and patient education. SMA has built our reputation in the community by providing advanced medical care while charging reasonable fees.

If you want to be served by healthcare professionals who care for you just as we care for members of our own family, learn more about our healthcare services. If you like what you learn about us, schedule an appointment by calling 973.672.8573.

Why Nirvana Healthcare Management Services

Quality Care
Commitment to Community
Five-Star Customer Service

SMA Serves the Community Through Two Programs

  • Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP)
  • Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP)

SMA Conducts State Authorized Examinations

  • Medical Examination Required for Certification of Commercial Driving License
  • Medical Examination Required for Issuance of Green Cards

SMA Provides Essential Primary Medical Care

Salerno Medical Associates diagnoses and treats some of the most common chronic and acute conditions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Elevated cholesterol levels
  • Thyroid disorders (hypothyroidism; hyperthyroidism)
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

SMA Provides Comprehensive Medical Services

Salerno Medical Associates is staffed and equipped to provide a wide range of medical services. Our personalized team approach, advanced diagnostics, and treatments help to ensure optimal outcomes. In many cases, if what is needed is an annual wellness visit (check-up), the physical examination, consultation with your physician, and necessary diagnostic tests can be performed in one visit. In other words, routine diagnostic tests are performed in-house, on the same day as your physical examination and consultation. This convenience sets us apart from most other practices.

SMA Has Served the Newark-East Orange Areas for More Than Seventy Years

SMA has been taking good care of our patients for seventy years. We are a family-run, second-generation practice. The practice was established by the husband-and-wife team—Dr. Alphonse Salerno and Dr. Svetlana Salerno—who was one of the first female physicians in the area.

Today, this trusted medical practice continues to serve these communities under the leadership of their son, Dr. Alexander Salerno, a well-known primary care physician. With a graduate degree in healthcare administration, Dr. Salerno has grown SMA since taking over its leadership in 2001. A retired Captain in the United States Air Force Medical Reserves, Dr. Salerno is a respected leader in the healthcare business, and philanthropic communities.

SMA has rightfully earned a high level of respect and trust among its patients and the community at large. This is due, in part, to its community-based programs aimed at improving the overall health and welfare of the residents of Newark and East Orange.

For in-depth information on two of its successful community-based programs, go to Urban Healthcare Initiative Program (UHIP) and Community Healthcare Outreach Program (CHOP)

SMA Provides Preventative Medical Care for Patients Eighteen and Older

Preventative Medical Care includes wellness exams for patients who are eighteen years of age and older. SMA can direct parents and caregivers for medical services, including immunizations/vaccinations, for patients who are younger than eighteen.

Awards & Accreditation

American College of Radiology (ACR), Ultrasound Accredited facility The Gold Standard in Imaging Accreditation. ACR accreditation is recognized as the gold standard in medical imaging. ACR accreditation helps assure our patients that we provide the highest level of image quality and safety.
Intersocietal Accreditation Commission: Accredited Echocardiography Salerno Medical is accredited in echocardiography by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). By participating in the accreditation process, this medical facility demonstrates a commitment to the performance of quality echocardiography and strives to meet nationally recognized standards.
Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. Accredited Vein Facility Salerno Medical is an accredited Vein Center by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC). By participating in the accreditation process, this medical facility demonstrates a commitment to the performance of a quality Vein Center in superficial venous treatment and management and strives to meet nationally recognized standards.
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Salerno Medical Associates has been providing quality, affordable healthcare to residents of Newark, East Orange, and environs for more than seventy years. If you want our family to take good care of yours, contact us today by calling (973) 672-8573 to schedule an appointment.

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