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Pharmacy Services & Medication Management

Offered in East Orange and Newark, NJ

Patients need a pharmacist dedicated to meeting their unique prescription medication needs and providing an enhanced clinical experience. The medical partners of Nirvana Healthcare Management Services are the primary care resource for individuals in Essex County, NJ, who want holistic, patient-centered care that follows a preventative approach for their medical needs, including a pharmacist.

Learn more about our medication management services in East Orange and Newark, NJ at Nirvana’s primary care locations: Salerno Medical Associates, Metropolitan Medical Group, Roseville Medical Society, North Ward Medical Arts, and Armenti Medical Group. Treatments are also available through CHOP/SHOP which provides house visits to eligible patients.

Pharmacy Services

Since many physicians prescribe medications to their patients for managing symptoms, the pharmacist plays a vital role in overall care plans. Pharmacy teams collaborate with doctors, nurses, and other providers to deliver continuing guidance with drug therapy. Our medication management team offers numerous services, such as:

  • Administering vaccinations and wellness tests
  • Creating educational materials about the medications that align with the patient’s condition, dosage, and lifestyle changes
  • Educating patients on their diseases and disorders and their treatment plans
  • Communicating with prescribing providers when a patient requires a specific medication to find the most convenient, effective, and safest option
  • Ensuring patients schedule follow-up visits if necessary
  • Evaluating the potential for a drug to cause adverse reactions based on the patient’s current medication list, other conditions, and overall health situation to promote safe use
  • Instructing patients on how to use healthcare resources
  • Investigating treated and untreated medical issues and drug therapy problems to better understand patient needs
  • Recommending preventative care if beneficial for the patient
  • Working with the physicians of patients with chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension, to take the best approach to medication

Besides offering these services, pharmacy teams also encourage patients to take control of their care. For example, a pharmacist may ask their patients if they understand how often they must take their medication. With this knowledge, patients can determine if their symptoms have increased because they missed a dosage.

The Pharmacy Team

The pharmacy staff consists of multiple specialists with varying levels of education and experience. Additionally, each pharmacy professional is responsible for carrying out different tasks. Recognizing the various personnel in a pharmacy helps patients determine what providers to communicate with about their medications. The three main pharmacy specialists include:


Pharmacists are the most skilled professionals in the pharmacy. A person must earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and a license to become a pharmacist, indicating their level of expertise. They understand the biochemical composition of drugs and how it informs safe dosage, side effects, and interaction with other medications.

Pharmacy Assistant

The pharmacy assistant is often the first person a patient interacts with at the pharmacy. These professionals perform clerical tasks for the pharmacy, but they may also answer general questions about prescriptions. They also ensure patients are compliant with their medications and are in constant contact with the patient and their providers. Pharmacy assistants act as a liaison between the patient and pharmacist or pharmacy technician for more complex concerns.

Pharmacy Technician

These specialists assist with the design of a specific medication plan for a patient. They know how to identify potential drug interactions, recommend alternative medications to increase medication compliance, and locate drug prescription saving to assist with high co-pays. Pharmacy technicians are experts in medication prior authorizations by becoming the liaison between the practice and the insurance company to get a patient’s medication approved.

Benefits of Pharmacy Services

When pharmacists get involved in healthcare, patients see better results in managing their conditions and experience increased satisfaction overall. Consider the following advantages that come with using a pharmacy for prescription needs:

Cost Savings

While an over-the-counter medication may alleviate symptoms, the pharmacy may offer more affordable, generic versions of a drug that provides the same relief. Additionally, patients can use health insurance for these prescriptions to further lower their costs.

Disease State Management

Pharmacists are available to discuss a patient’s disease state and assist in managing their co-morbidities. Connecting with a pharmacist will allow patients to have access to a healthcare professional who can provide them personalized care. A pharmacist will educate a patient on their current prescriptions, non-pharmacological treatment options, and guide a patient on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Personalized Advice

Pharmacy teams partner with the patient’s physician to better understand their health situation. As a result, they offer more informed suggestions on different medications and over-the-counter options, which will be most effective for the patient while causing minimal complications.

Seek Pharmacy Care with Nirvana Healthcare Management Services

Patients can find a pharmacy to help them handle their medications through the comprehensive support offered by Nirvana Healthcare Management Services. Committed to providing a high-quality patient experience, this healthcare organization is a key resource for people seeking medical providers in Essex County, NJ. Patients can find physicians at five locations in Newark and East Orange, NJ—Salerno Medical Associates, Metropolitan Medical Group, Roseville Medical Society, North Ward Medical Arts, CHOP/SHOP, and Armenti Medical Group. Contact us today to learn more about Nirvana Healthcare Management Services or request an appointment.

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