Family Therapy

Family Therapy and Counseling in Newark, New Jersey

Offered in East Orange and Newark, NJ

At North Ward Behavioral Health Center in Newark, New Jersey, we offer a range of support options, including therapy and counseling, to help families in our area maintain healthy relationships through various challenges. Our experienced therapists and counselors can assist in improving communication between family members and strengthening bonds. Family counseling and therapy also teaches essential skills to help clans prevail through arguments, life events, big changes, and more.

Types of Family Services

Family therapy is designed to address interpersonal issues that affect the health and function of a family. Our services offer guidance and support when your family is going through hard times, whether it’s the loss of a loved one, economic difficulties, or a major life transition. We focus on finding solutions to ensure a family’s present and future wellbeing, specifically targeting and tackling the unique challenges you face. These services include:

  • Couples and marriage counseling: Communication and conflict resolution skills are essential in a successful relationship. Counseling for dating, engaged, and married couples can help partners develop and improve these abilities to ensure that their relationship is as strong and healthy as possible.
  • Adolescent and teen counseling: Adolescence is already difficult enough, but many mental and developmental disorders also arise during a person’s teen years. We can help young people tackle these issues or overcome any struggles they encounter at school, including academic stress, bullying, social rejection, poor self-esteem, and the pressure or temptation to experiment with drugs and alcohol.
  • Parenting skills counseling: Many feel stressed and overwhelmed by the responsibility and long-term impact they have as parents. Our parenting specialists can help expecting or current parents develop the skills and habits necessary to support and raise children, both in daily life and through difficult situations and behavioral concerns.

Understanding Your Family’s Needs

Every relationship is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to combating issues within a family. Instead, the healthiest patterns depend on the circumstances, the individuals involved, their own goals and challenges, and other factors. At North Ward Behavioral Health Center, we start by seeking to understand the relationship dynamics within your family, as well as get to know every member involved. We’ll then help you develop essential skills and find the methods that are most beneficial for the group as a whole.

Family relationships are also sensitive and complex. Instead of viewing them as a handful of two-person relationships, we understand them as interwoven networks of communication. An issue in one part of the family can lead to problems in others. If effective help should involve more than a single form of therapy, we’ll help you determine a balance of treatment options to strengthen your family in every way.

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Every family faces challenges at some point, and that’s why we’re here to help. North Ward Behavioral Health Center is dedicated to providing unwavering support so that your most important relationships can be as strong and healthy as possible. To learn more about family therapy and counseling, contact us to schedule an appointment at our state-of-the-art offices in Newark, NJ.