Vein Mapping Ultrasound

Vein Mapping and Venous Ultrasounds

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If you are experiencing symptoms with your veins, venous ultrasounds and vein mapping are valuable tools for identifying your condition and planning treatment. At Newark Vein and Vascular Center, LLC , we serve Newark, New Jersey and surrounding areas, with these advanced methods of diagnosing venous disorders like spider veins, varicose veins, and venous insufficiency.

Venous Ultrasound vs. Vein Mapping

A venous ultrasound uses sound waves to examine your blood flow. Through a phenomenon called the Doppler effect, doctors can measure how quickly your blood moves through your veins. It’s a valuable test for identifying blockages, damaged valves, or places where blood slows down or even flows backward unnaturally.

Though vein mapping uses similar tools and methods to an ultrasound, it has a different purpose. During a vein mapping ultrasound study, one of our registered vascular technicians uses an ultrasound probe to construct images of your veins. Beginning at the groin area and following your veins down to your ankles, we carefully measure the flow of blood through the valves while stitching together several images, forming a vein map of the entire region being tested. It can be used to examine for any of the following:

  • Enlarged veins
  • Irregular twisting
  • Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • Other abnormalities

Further, insurance providers require vein mapping ultrasound studies to see if patients meet certain criteria. Without this study, it is impossible to expertly assess your veins and/or determine the best treatment plan that you require.

What to Expect From Venous Ultrasound & Vein Mapping?

Usually, ultrasounds and vein mapping don’t require any special preparation. It’s also recommended to wear loose-fitting clothing over whatever part of your body will be screened. This will make the procedure easier for your doctor and more comfortable for you.

The procedures themselves are fairly simple. They are both non-invasive and require no incisions, cuts, or drugs. The ultrasound and vein mapping procedures follow a very similar set of steps, including:

  • The technician will coat the area to be tested with a warm gel to transmit waves more effectively.
  • A handheld device called a transducer will be placed and moved over the area, emitting high-frequency sound waves and recording their echoes.
  • The echoes are recorded on a computer screen or monitor, where they form an image of your vein structure and your blood cells as they flow.

Unlike other services that can take up to 90 minutes to complete, either procedure takes only about 25-45 minutes. You can return to your normal activities immediately after you leave the examining room.

Who Can Benefit From Venous Ultrasound & Vein Mapping?

At Newark Vein and Vascular Center, LLC, we most often use ultrasounds and vein mapping to test for venous insufficiency. This is a condition caused when the valves in your leg veins fail, allowing blood to flow backward and accumulate in your veins. You might be struggling with venous insufficiency if you are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Swelling in your legs or ankles
  • Discolored skin near the ankles
  • Itchy or burning sensations
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Pain when walking
  • Painful leg cramps or spasms

Venous insufficiency can also cause varicose veins, which twist and bulge like ropes under your skin. Spider veins are a milder version of this. While they do not bulge, spider veins are visible as clusters of purplish blood vessels visible through your skin that resemble tree branches or spider webs on the leg or face.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of venous insufficiency, varicose veins, or spider veins, have your veins tested by an accredited provider like Newark Vein and Vascular Center, LLC. Accreditation is key, as it demonstrates our commitment towards quality patient care. What’s more, we’re the only location in Newark, New Jersey offering comprehensive vein treatment. To get started on your road to better vein health through venous ultrasound or vein mapping, contact us today.